Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seaside Wedding

Ciao! Our sincere apologies for the long period of silence, but we have been so busy! The hustle and bustle of wedding season in Tuscany is winding down, so we can finally show you some of our most recent work.

What better way to mark the end of summer than with a gorgeous wedding by the sea? Marta & Marco were married on the beach in the seaside town of Piombino, in the province of Livorno, in Tuscany. They wanted to use colors like pale coral, sand and seaglass, and the wedding turned out to be dreamy, beachy and romantic. What do you all think? Feel free to leave your comments and click on the photos to enlarge!


  1. Thank u so much to everybody ! We were in a dream...a dream that came true ! You are so kind and great. Everyday I wake up with only one thought : I want to marry again ! ;-)

  2. Most prominent images of your vow renewal celebration!! The last one image is one of my favorite from remaining images. Your photographer really did good work!! 
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